Govt. Orders

Sl No Order No Date Subject View/ Download
1 GO (Rt) No. 894/2019/LSGD 26.04.2019 Constitution of Project Management Unit Click Here
2 GO (MS) No. 25/2019/P&EA 13.08.2019 Approval of Project Proposals of Various Departments Click Here
3 GO (MS) No. 133/2019/LSGD 25.10.2019 Creation of Post for Rebuild Kerala Initiative Click Here
4 G.O. (Rt.)No. 2456/2019/LSGD 05.11.2019 Posting of Engineers to PMU as Additional Charge Click Here
5 G.O. (Rt.)No. 2520/2019/LSGD 11.11.2019 Constitution of Technical Committee - Panel of Experts Click Here
6 G.O. (Rt.)No. 485/2019/P&EA 15.11.2019 AS for 218.29 km of roads (Phase I) Click Here
7 GO(Rt) No.2933/2019/LSGD 23.12.2019 Availing the services of Students and Teachers of Engineering Colleges for LSGs -Guidelines Click Here
8 GO(Rt) No.2940/2019/LSGD 24.12.2019 Posting of Engineers to Project Implementation Units Click Here
9 GO(Rt)No.251/2020/LSGD 30.01.2020 Constitution of Committee for appraisal, evaluation and approval of tenders for PMU-RKI Click Here
10 GO(Rt)No.250/2020/LSGD 30.01.2020 Constitution of Technical Committee for the purchase of computers and electronic peripherals in PMU-RKI Click Here
11 GO(Rt)No.251/2020/LSGD 30.01.2020 Constitution of Tender Committee Click Here
12 G.O. (Rt.)No. 115/2020/P&EA  28.02.2020 AS for conducting investigations in Seven Districts Click Here
13 G.O.(Rt) No.221/2020/P&EA 22.05.2020 Reconstruction of Flood Damaged Bridges and Culverts Click Here
14 G.O. (Rt) No.222/2020/P&EA 25.05.2020 Changing of Mode of Implementation DBM to Item Rate Click Here
15 G.O. (Rt.) No.224/2020/P&EA  26.05.2020 AS Accorded for 39.893 km of Road Click Here
16  G.O.(Rt)No.1246/2020/LSGD 24.06.2020 Constitution of Department Committee for Implementation and Monitoring of Projects under Rebuild Kerala Initiative Click Here
17  G.O.(Rt)No.1389/2020/LSGD 23.07.2020 Consultancy Service for Design and DPR Preparation Click Here
18 G.O.(Rt)No.1835/2020/LSGD 06.10.2020 List of Roads Approved for 2nd Phase Click Here
19 G.O.(Rt.) No. 1835/2020/LSSGD 16.10.2020 Rebuilding of Damaged Roads -List of Roads Approved for 2nd Phase  Click Here
20 G.O. (Rt.) No.404/2020/P&EA 23.10.2020 AS Accorded for 26.85 km of Road Click Here
21 G.O.(Rt.) No. 2179/2020/LSGD 20.11.2020 List of Engineering Colleges Approved for Third Party Quality Monitoring for RKI LSGD Roads. Click Here
22 G.O.(Rt)No.1/2021/P&EA 01.01.2021 Approval of Tender Excess of two roads Click Here
23 G.O.(P) No 7/2021/Fin 07.01.2021 Covid 19 : Relaxation of PG, APG EMD etc. Click Here
24 GO (Rt) No. 62/2021/P&EA  03.02.2021 AS Accorded for 36.383 km of Road Click Here
25 G.O.(Rt)No.848/2021/LSGD    08.04.2021 Extension of Deputation to Officers Click Here
26 G.O.(Rt.) No.326/2021/P&EA  03.08.2021 Tender Excess Approved for 3 Roads  Click Here
27 G.O.(Rt)No.348/2021/P&EA 15.08.2021 AS Accorded for 22.2795 km of Roads Click Here
28 G.O.(Rt) No.300/2022/P&EA 02.08.2022 AS Accorded for 16.082 km of Roads

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